Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Baby A at 6 weeks

This is just a super quick update as I'm spending most of my time at the hospital at the moment.

Baby A has been here nearly 6 weeks, and it seems like the has always been here, but it also seems like just yesterday she was born.

Since the last update, she moved into a therma-cot, and was only in there a few days before being moved to a normal (non heated cot.) I can't explain how much of a difference it has been having her in an open cot. In the incubator we could only hold her once a day and the nurses had to give her to us. Since being in an open cot, we can hold her whenever we like, we can pick her up ourselves, and this means we're so much more independent, and feel so much more involved in her life!

Not to mention picking clothes and dressing her adds to the 'real mum' tasks, which I love.

She came off all monitoring over a week ago, so we have a wireless baby! Cord free, wohoo!

She is so much chubbier and 'baby looking' than even a few weeks ago.

As for feeding, in the last day or two she has taken off! Doing several feeds exclusively breastfeeding with no top-ups. She has lost weight (it takes her more energy to feed), so we're balancing that, but apparently it's normal in the transition to feeding.

Because of that we're in the pre-discharge nursery, and this weekend I might try bedding in and see how she goes with feeding through the night...!

It might be a week, or a few weeks till she comes home (it all depends how she goes with feeding), but it really feels like we're making progress. I'm basically at the hospital full time now, so I feel really involved with her, which I love.

It means life is tiring, and messy and busy, but isn't that what life is like with a newborn anyway?

Here's hoping our next update is the 'coming home' update....!

Her room is ready, here's a peek:

We're ready for you Baby A x

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