Friday, 20 January 2012

Easy Cake Decoration

You guys probably know I am into baking, and I like making cakes, but my decoration skills are not that hot. Not hot at all. But because I know some easy tricks, I seem to have fooled people into thinking I am a baker extraordianaire!

Here are some easy ways to decorate a cake

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All you need to do is a regular icing, then get cookie cutters of different sizes and gently place them on the icing. Through the cookie cutters sprinkle hundreds and thousands or chocolate or nuts - anything you like. Contrasting colours will look better.

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Drizzle icing is perfect for lemon cake. Just make the icing (which is usually lemon juice with a bit of icing sugar) and drizzle on when the cake has cooled

For this one you will need an icing bag with star tips, you will need to do a thin base layer first of normal icing. Then fill your icing bag and swirl the icing with a star tip to get this effect. The icing will need to be really hard (lots of icing sugar) for this to work. You could choose to do an ombre effect (different shades) or just one colour.

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Ok, this cake picture couldn't describe what I imagined in my mind. I wanted a chocolate cake covered with malteasers as decoration. Forget the weird things on the top and the double layer, for a simple chocolate cake, you could do a thin icing and stick heaps of malteasers to it. Yum!

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This one is so easy. Just do your normal icing and stick some chopped nuts (walnuts here) on the side (or maybe on the top instead.)

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For this, you will need a thin base of icing first. Stick the kit kats to the side, tie with a ribbon if needed/wanted. And cover the top with pebbles. (Then eat left over icing, kit kats and pebbles.) Easy!

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A normal icing with some sprinkles placed around the edge. To get it right you might want to cut out some baking paper in a circle for the middle and gently place it on the iced cake. Then shake the sprinkles on and then take the baking paper off.

This icing is supposed to look like ice cream (just add chopped chocolate to your mix, and green food colouring and mint essence if you want it to look like this.) You can use balls of icing and cones to make an ice cream 'display' on top.

I don't really need to describe this one, just do as the pic shows!

You can use buttercream (or use dairy free margarine) or cream cheese icings for any of these, except the drizzle icing.

There you go, so many easy ways to make a cake look great. I have tried hardly any of them (hence why they are all internet photos), but I will be soon... which one should I start with....?

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