Sunday, 7 September 2014

Father's Day Edition: She made him a Dad

We're 8 months into this parenting game, and honestly I am constantly amazed and humbled by what a great dad Matt is.

I remember in the very early days, when he had to lift her up so they could change her sheets in her incubator. He lifted her (such a tiny wee thing) with so much gentleness and awe on his face.

His gentleness continued in his skin to skin cuddles with her. She seemed so fragile and he took great care with her.

We both were learning how to look after our wee babe, which set us on equal footing that many parents don't get from the start. We were both just as inept at changing a nappy, doing her cares and we both learnt how at the same time.

Since she has come home and grown stronger and more interactive, I have seen his love grow for her. I don't think enamoured would be too strong a word.

Ever since she has been home, he has put her to bed nearly every night. He has the magic touch for getting her to sleep at that twisty time of night. He looks after her in the late hours, making sure she is happy and fed. It is a sad fact that I, the mother, don't really know how to put my baby to bed, but I think that's a testament to him.

He is patient with her in a way that doesn't come naturally to me. He will hold her and rock her and shhhh her to sleep.

He keeps saying to me "she is SO cute" like every time it is a new revelation to him. Like there is no baby in the world who is cuter. He told me he worried that if we had another baby, how could it live up to her cuteness?

'Daddy's home' is a favourite time of day for all of us. They have time together every night, where she mostly claws at his beard and smiles at him, and he tickles her, plays with her, talks to her. Honestly it is so special to see.

I love being a bystander to such a special relationship. It's one of the privileges of being a mum that I never really expected. I'm so excited to see their relationship bloom in years to come.

Matty- you are a great Dad. Happy Father day!! Here's to you!

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