Monday, 19 September 2011

The Amazing Mundane

This image inspired me. So much of this list is the mundane, but sometimes the mundane can be amazing. Sometimes the mundane is just mundane and its our decision to make it amazing.
I decided to make my own list of the amazing in the mundane;

1. Discovering a great song you just keep playing over and over
2. Snow
3. Wearing high heel shoes
4. Finding shoes that fit
5. Loving work
6. Goodnight kisses
7. Unexpectedly going out dancing
8. Cranberry juice
9. Reading a book that you can't put down
10. Finishing an assignment 
11. Spring flowers
12. Looking at wedding photos
13. Great chats with friends
14. The feel of lace
15. Finding the perfect soul expression for that moment; (my thoughts, prayers, stream off me like smoky incense, curling, floating towards heaven, words flowing like a river)
16. Learning about rugby and deciding to become Irish
17. Song writing
18. Being glad to have moved on
19.Hearing him snore
20. Lemon Tart

Whats your amazing mundane?

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