Monday, 26 September 2011

Minty Fresh and Clean - Your Kitchen will Thank You

We had quite a situation in our household. Urgent action was called for. Our (drinking) glasses were disgusting and clingy  and filmy. With the arrival of my parents imminent, I knew it was time for action. I can hardly let my parents think I have such low standards can I? (Well I can try and fool them for one day at least.)

So I googled. Google told me to soak the glasses in white vinegar and water. Tried it. Didn't work. Resulted in disgusting looking AND tasting glasses.

I found a new tip. It seemed a bit absurd. But it WORKED! Just apply cheap white toothpaste and brush* the glasses (inside and out) like you're brushing your teeth. So simple! So cheap!

I have attached a picture so you know its true (and cos blogs with pics are so much better);

L: Before, R: After
See! Ah-mazing

The glass wasn't keen on posing, but I bribed it with  cleanliness
Your glasses are clean AND minty fresh.

*Best buy a new brush so your glasses aren't covered in your toothy germs

Look what I made

Its made of toilet paper to represent the link between recycling and essential bathroom materials....*ahem* (Actually its just made of toilet paper because its a cheap craft material.)

Close up

See how to make one here and here.

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