Tuesday, 28 February 2012


So, lately I took a three week break from the internet. (You can read why here)

At first it was really hard. I was so used to reading my daily blogs and checking facebook all the time. My hand would itch to click on the links it was so used to. As the days went on, I found it easier and easier, until eventually my only concern was that I would miss invites on facebook (I did), or miss important private messages (I didn't).

I didn't feel urgency to get back onto the net at the end of the three weeks. When I logged back onto facebook and the blogs this week I felt..... bored.

Yep bored. And it was the last thing I was expecting to feel.
The blogs I read were still great, but not worthy of my time at that moment. And they didn't quite hold the allure they once did. As for facebook..... it seemed like my newsfeed was full of stuff I didn't need to know. Superflous comments. Boring junk. (This is not a criticism- I am quite capable of producing some boring junk myself.)

I am still feeling like this a few days later. I think three weeks off has been enough time for the shine to dull, for the attachment to fade. They say it takes 30 days to break a bad habit, or form a new one, and I think thats what has happened here.

Having three weeks to reprioritise my attention, my devotion, my thoughts and my time has been immensely helpful. My mind has learnt a new habit, has shifted its focus onto things more worthy.

Again, I'm not saying the internet or Facebook is bad. Its just how you use it. I was using it all wrong. And I'm hoping this time I can get it right

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