Friday, 16 March 2012

Tutorial: Wraparound Dutch Braid

Here is an easy hairstyle that you should rock this weekend.

You will need:
-A comb 
-2 clear hair ties
- bobby pins

1. Using your comb, divide your hair on a diagonal, and divide into 2 even parts
2. Dutch braid each side. Dutch braid means 'underneath' braid, picking hair up each time. (Here is a tutorial on dutch braiding.)
3. Continue the braids right till the end, do each side, and tie the ends with the clear hair ties.
4. Bring the right braid up, and pin it into the left side, very close to the left braid. (Put the pin under the left braid so it can't be seen)
5. Repeat on the other side
6. You will now have the hairstyle, but the ends will be sticking our, so push them under the braid they are next to and pin them in. Pin around the braid for extra security
7. Voila! You're done! Spray a bit of hairspray for extra hold if you want

* Extra step. I didn't do this, but when your braids are plaited, and finished, you should 'rough them up' a bit, pull them a bit wider, to give them more volume


Note: I am getting most of these hair ideas from other peoples tutorials, who I will always reference. This tutorial is based on this hair style, and modified by me.

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