Monday, 14 May 2012

Cute Animal Gifs to express my emotions

I recently found this website:
It's awesome and some of them are SO funny. I especially like the cutesy animal ones, so I decided to make some of my own. After all, what better way to express ones emotions/day to day life struggles, than through cute animal gifs?

Me, trying to get lollies out of the jar

When my baby nephew/niece are around, I'm like..

When Matt catches me eating 2 chocolate yoghurts

If a driver cuts me off, I'm like

When I ask my niece if she's brushed her teeth, she's like

When I look outside at the Wellington weather, it's like

When Matt tells me we don't have enough money for me to get that new bag/top/whatever, I'm like

Waking up on Monday morning

   If I'm really hungry but can't open the container

When someone is saying stupid things at work, I wanna be like

When Matt gets home from being away, I'm like

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