Monday, 15 October 2012

Seeing New Zealand as a tourist

For six weeks we wandered around Europe, looking, eating, experiencing and generally taking in their way of life. So, when we touched back down in NZ last week, the tourist sheen didn't wear off straight away. I've been seeing NZ through tourist eyes, and damn, our country is AMAZING (and slightly odd- but aren't all countries?)

First of all, this is a view I see every day as I drive into town

Early morning Sunrise, own photo

This is the view from my gym/university at dusk:

Own Photo
And this is the type of sunset we get from our house:

Own Photo

I could go on, there is so much beautiful in New Zealand

Now I think I finally understand why people travel half the world to come here. I certainly wouldn't recommend NZ for its beautifully built cities, historic architecture or great shopping (we seem to have none), but the combination of nature at its best, along with our cities interesting vibes and cultures, makes NZ a unique place.

Along with the landscape, here are some other things I noticed:


Pic from here
English coffee was always scalding and burnt. European (milky) coffees were always luke warm and weak. (I can make no comment on European black coffee, because to be enjoyed it seems you must smoke 25 cigarettes with one espresso, an experiment I was not willing to try.) 

The first thing I did upon arriving back here was order a flat white, and OMG IT TASTED LIKE NECTAR FROM HEAVEN.

Our accent:

This was similar to my reaction for the first few hours back in kiwi land. What, we sound like...what? Are you joking....?

The tourist sheen has worn off now and my ears are now nicely numbed again to our flattened vowels and high rising terminal (where every sentence becomes a question? you know?). But, I'm still forever grateful with every cuppa Jo, and our view still gives me shivers.

Ka Pai, NZ, you're choice.

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