Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Poem Series: I am not long here

I don’t belong here

I am a torn being
Tugged between two lands
Not giving either my full care.
Seasons change on this domain,
And I move forward, every day,
With desires unfulfilled
With every beat a small step towards
The golden streets of tomorrow

I am not made for here

With Every small victory gained
I look upwards to remind me
I have purpose here
Every breath, every love, every loss, every care, every intimacy and every joy is valid
But will not remain

I am not long here

My Spirit is forever stretching outwards
Towards the heavens
Yearning, and pulling and drawing away from here
But the heaviness of the earth weighs me down
Pulls me back, and in turn reminds me
That one day it will let me go

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