Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Favourite Online Workouts

If you live anywhere like where I live, you won't be able to  go for a run whenever you want to because of the weather. Rain, hail, sleet- you name it, and it's summer here. When I wanna work out on these days I could go to the gym, but I'm just not loving the gym at the moment. So I invested in a pair of adjustable dumbells, and have been doing a whole lot of you tube video workouts.

 Here are my top ones:

I try to get some cardio in on days when I can't run.

This next one is a KILLER (I got the shakes and a headache after), and I would only do it every now and then. It claims to burn 1000 calories (a normal workout would be 200-400 calories.)

Oh Abs, how hard you are to attain! I'm doing core workouts nearly every day, and s.l.o.w.l.y seeing results. Apart from the vanity of wanting a toned tummy, core strength is really important for every day life and fitness. You can't ignore it in your exercise routine.
Because many people find the tummy to be a trouble area, there are HEAPS of core workout videos out there. Just remember to do a video that has cardio in it, or do it after cardio (cos you need to burn fat to reduce tummy size, to get abs.)

This guy is a little crazy, but your abs will be burning after, so worth it.

This is cool because there is a 'beginner' and 'advanced' model you can watch to adjust your moves.

Upper Body
I like working my upper body for a few reasons. 1) For my job (sign language interpreting) having good strength and flexibility is really important to reduce injury. 2) This is an area I can easily see improvement (yes I have vain tendencies.)

Here's an upper body workout with cardio thrown in.

This next one is a killer, but so good

All over flexibility and toning
I often do more Pilates/yoga based training on a day where I need a bit of a rest.

This one might look easy, but ouch, I was hurting the next day

Here's one that will focus a bit on your legs

I don't do any training specifically for my legs. Mostly because the legs get worked out in most other types of workouts anyway. And I see running as a workout for my legs too.

You can see I like Fitness Blender's workouts! They suit my needs, and let me work out hard without leaving my own home. Oh and they aren't boring, so I don't lose focus. But there are heaps of different types of online workouts out there, so find something that suits you!

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