Wednesday, 9 November 2011


This month my church is encouraging us to be 'thankful' every day, whether on Facebook or in a diary etc. I have been doing it on Facebook, and its already changing my life! Looking for the good in the small things, the good in ho-hum days, is making me appreciate life even more. I am finding my mind is automatically picking up on these small joys now, and I automatically think 'I am thankful.'

Case in point, my hubby is having band practice in the other room, and I can hear him singing, his sweet, sometimes off key, but so 'him' voice. I heard it and thought 'I am thankful for the joy he brings me.'

Over this 'thankful' period, I've found a few studies about how being thankful is good for your health and so on. I feel like I already knew that - changing your mind to be more positive and more disciplined, and to speak to yourself in a healthy way can change your thought processes, your attitudes, your judgements, and your life.

Tying into all this, I am also being challenged not to get 'caught up' in the mundane of life, but to live bigger and with more purpose. That sounds cool, but is quite vague in a practical sense. But I am finding bu changing my thought patterns, I am changing the way I live life too, and the way I approach things. By changing my thinking, I am affecting my doing. Thoughts beget behavior and actions and life.

I think I might try and keep the 'thankful' thing going for at least a few months. Maybe not on Facebook, but in a diary. If I make it more private, then I won't be thinking about making it 'audience appropriate,' or caring what people think of me. If I can continue to let true thankfulness pour from me, in the coming weeks and months, the coming ups and downs, then I truly believe my life will be changed.

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  1. Ahh I thought it was because it's Thanksgiving in USA and that's why I've been doing. But I digress. I agree, so much easier to be thankful because we all are so lucky to be alive. :)


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