Monday, 28 October 2013

Pregnancy explained in GIF's

You know I'm on a GIF roll at the moment. Here I go again:

When I haven't vomited in a week, 
I'm like:
Celebration gif

Realising I'm half way through this pregnancy,
it's like:
No Way Jose

When Matt tries to snuggle with me when I'm feeling unwell,
It's like:
Crazy dog gif

Seeing my growing bump in the mirror,
I'm like:
Tim Gunn Loves You

Baby's kicks waking me up,
I bet it's like:
Sorry Not Sorry

Watching birth videos,
I'm like:
Henry Rollins

When I poke baby awake just to feel it kick,
We're like:
Hello, I love You

Seeing how much all the baby stuff costs to buy,
It's like:

When heartburn keeps me awake at night,
It's like:
Funny face gif

When people have a WTF reaction to us having a gender reveal party,
I'm like:
Freddie Haters Gonna Hate

When Matt felt baby kick for the first time,
He was like:
Adventure Time Mind Blown

Whenever I see some controversial parenting article, or something about how mothers should try to 'have it all,'
I'm like:
Didn't Read
It's 8.30pm and we're off to an event and I'm super tired,
I'm like:
Party gif

When I'm hungry and I NEED FOOD NOW,
it's like:
Pouring Popcorn in Mouth

Everyone who already has a baby, when they find out we're expecting
they're like:
Good Luck

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