Monday, 27 January 2014


Having a premature baby in NICU is not the easiest of journeys.

However, this whole experience has opened my eyes to the generosity of people around us. I have never felt more loved, cared for, treasured in my life.

Friends, family, acquaintances have offered their time to drive me, their homes to stay in, meals, hugs and chats. Oh and gifts. Oh the gifts! Having a baby is like getting married all over again. So many gifts and flowers and chocolate! And so much joy.

Matt and I have been blown away with the amount of baby clothes, baby gear, and treats for us that we have been given. Baby A will never want for anything this first year of her life. And she will be the most stylish baby on the block! (when she can finally wear clothes.)

Second hand or new (it really doesn't matter at this age), we have been gifted more than we could ever imagine.

And I know one day we will be able to pass on these gifts and toys to other families, and that will be a joy for us too.

So, we want to say thank you. You all being so generous is making my heart explode with the love of a thousand cute puppies. Thank you xx

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