Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Another Murdered Baby

I turned on the news the other night to hear about another murdered baby, right here in gods-own, New Zealand.

Again I feel distraught and oh so ashamed at our countries track record of kids murdered by the ones that should have been protecting them.

I don't know what to say, and I don't have any pithy advice. Partly because I assume anyone reading this is the type not to be involved in this. And because it is so out of my sphere of living that I just can't comprehend it.

Child abuse is obviously a huge and complex issue, with links to poverty, upbringing, and lack of support. But a part of it is just that the people perpetrating this are evil.

All I can say, is that this is one area where I think more government/social intervention is needed. I would be willing to give up my privacy with future children, if some sort of regular non-optional check up was carried out. I don't mind being looked at with suspicion if for example my child breaks an arm and ends up in the emergency room. I wouldn't like it, but I would deal with it. I don't mind smacking being illegal if it means that more abusers will be picked up earlier.

If you have any ideas about combating child abuse, have a look at the Green Paper currently open for discussion.

If I had a magic pill to stop child abuse and never hear another horrific story like this again I would. It breaks my heart every time.

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