Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lemon lovers you will L.O.V.E this recipe

I recently looked through my desserts recipes bookmarks and relised that about 70% of the recipes saved involved lemons. So you could say I love them, just a tad.

If you are like me you will LOVE this lemon tart recipe.

The thing about this recipe is that it isn't wishy washy like some lemon tart/cheesecake recipes that involve one lemons juice and thats it. Oh no. This tarts contents include 5-6 lemon's rinds and about 12 lemons worth of juice. (Don't worry. Just use the 5-6 lemons which have been rind-ed (?) for their juice and then you can add lemon juice from a bottle, if you don't want to have to buy a million lemons.)

It tastes so good. You will be so happy

The recipe is from here. The recipe is so great, however I would suggest the following tweaks to the recipe.
  • Make 1 and 1/2 times the pastry base she allows. (And 2 small eggs will do the trick.) And you will probably need more butter than she allows. Just keep adding butter until you have a very crumbly pastry, which sticks together easily.
  • Make only 2/3 the amount of the filling. The full amount is way too much. So;
    • 4-5-6 lemons
    • 4 Eggs (5 if they are small)
    • 4 oz sugar (I used normal sugar)
    • 4.5 oz cream (I used normal, runny, cream. I assume that is what whipping cream is?)
You can also make mini tarts from the recipe

However I found the pastry:filling ratio was too high in the pastry direction. But they would be perfect for afternoon teas or lunch boxes. Just roll the pastry a little thinner. 


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