Friday, 13 January 2012

Don't believe the lies

Don't believe the lies

You know what I mean. The magazines and photos contained within that make you die a little inside because you will never be that beautiful/stunning/skinny or have perfect skin/teeth/hair

See the lies in action;

We all know about unattainable beauty that is presented to us everyday. Looks so unattainable they are only achievable by a computer.
I used to look at these pictures, and read articles on how to get 'perfect skin' or 'party makeup.' But I slowly realised these articles weren't imparting much (if any) useful knowledge (nothing I couldn't learn from a friend), and in essence were making me feel very inadequate and basically ugly. I would never be as beautiful as these girls, and there was not much I could do about it. It felt to me as if they were flaunting their beauty in my face. 

Never ending images of beautiful women, and unachievable ideas are the bane of our generation. We can't escape the images. But we can change the way we look at them, and reduce the amount we see.

I now try to avoid images that are going to make me criticise myself - after all what is the point of wasting energy on berating myself for not meeting some arbitrary standard of beauty? So I avoid beauty/fashion magazines - or if I read them, I skip all the model sections and all the ads. I don't watch music videos, and try to avoid websites where this kind of beauty is portrayed.

I feel so much better in myself for this - constant comparing can wear you down. Having that weight lifted is such a nice feelings. And it stops you always thinking ugly thoughts about your looks.

But hey - if you really really wanna look perfect, well I have the product for you....

"This commercial isn't real, neither are society's standards of beauty."

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