Monday, 26 September 2011

Minty Fresh and Clean - Your Kitchen will Thank You

We had quite a situation in our household. Urgent action was called for. Our (drinking) glasses were disgusting and clingy  and filmy. With the arrival of my parents imminent, I knew it was time for action. I can hardly let my parents think I have such low standards can I? (Well I can try and fool them for one day at least.)

So I googled. Google told me to soak the glasses in white vinegar and water. Tried it. Didn't work. Resulted in disgusting looking AND tasting glasses.

I found a new tip. It seemed a bit absurd. But it WORKED! Just apply cheap white toothpaste and brush* the glasses (inside and out) like you're brushing your teeth. So simple! So cheap!

I have attached a picture so you know its true (and cos blogs with pics are so much better);

L: Before, R: After
See! Ah-mazing

The glass wasn't keen on posing, but I bribed it with  cleanliness
Your glasses are clean AND minty fresh.

*Best buy a new brush so your glasses aren't covered in your toothy germs

Look what I made

Its made of toilet paper to represent the link between recycling and essential bathroom materials....*ahem* (Actually its just made of toilet paper because its a cheap craft material.)

Close up

See how to make one here and here.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Benefiting from Benefits?

I often read Stuff blogs, and whenever beneficiaries are mentioned, a common theme comes up in the comments - that those on benefits are completely dependent and that strong rules and incentives must be used to get people off the benefit (not to mention they are lazy, good for nothing bludgers.)

However, contrary to popular opinion, only a very small number of those on a benefit are on it for a long period of time, and most who are on a benefit want to come off it, and see being on a benefit as a finite thing. If a person is on a benefit for a long time it is often because of a loss of opportunities to access employment at an adequate wage, and lack of support services such as child care.

Also it has been found that beneficiaries have stronger attachments to their work and better work values than non-beneficiaries.

It would be nice if people didn't judge so easily (as its so easy to do in the anonymity of the internet, or inside ones head), but actually looked at the reality of life for most beneficiaries and what their real motivations and feelings about work and the benefit are.

Info from Cheyne, C., O'Brien, M & Belgrave, M. (2005) Social Policy in Aotearoa New Zealand. 3rd edition. Auckland  Oxford Extract - Chapter 8: From Social Assistance to Social Development, pp 162-190

P.S what is the right preposition for this sentence? 'as its so easy to do in/on the anonymity of the internet'

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Garden Patch Kids

A little while ago we got a planter box (we have no garden) and planted some herbs and unknowns..

My how things have changed....

We've got more parsley than you can shake a stick at
Last weekend we got a new box with new herbs....

It looks a bit sad but hopefully it will soon be spring to life with bountiful offerings.

As winter draws to a close, and its last icy touches fade away, I wonder what my new vege love will be? This winter I have had a love affair with spinach and broccoli
Spinach because it is so versatile (you can put it in pizza/pasta/stir fry/soups/in sammies etc) and so good for you.

Broccoli is also great in everything, and really soaks up the flavours of the meal. I really like it with soy sauce and sesame seeds (thanks Jamie.)

Now that I have to cook much more often than in my flatting days I am becoming more aware of seasonal foods. I feel like I have just started to master winter foods, when summer is coming (this is the only time I will curse the coming of summer.) Being honest, I am better at making heavy meals than light summery dishes, so I feel these coming months are going to be a good challenge. Are there any foodie blogs out there with good summer meals??

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Kiss Kiss

Please look away now if you don't like romance...

I tried an underwater one once, but somehow it didn't turn out so perfect


And my favourite kiss of all...

Monday, 19 September 2011

The Amazing Mundane

This image inspired me. So much of this list is the mundane, but sometimes the mundane can be amazing. Sometimes the mundane is just mundane and its our decision to make it amazing.
I decided to make my own list of the amazing in the mundane;

1. Discovering a great song you just keep playing over and over
2. Snow
3. Wearing high heel shoes
4. Finding shoes that fit
5. Loving work
6. Goodnight kisses
7. Unexpectedly going out dancing
8. Cranberry juice
9. Reading a book that you can't put down
10. Finishing an assignment 
11. Spring flowers
12. Looking at wedding photos
13. Great chats with friends
14. The feel of lace
15. Finding the perfect soul expression for that moment; (my thoughts, prayers, stream off me like smoky incense, curling, floating towards heaven, words flowing like a river)
16. Learning about rugby and deciding to become Irish
17. Song writing
18. Being glad to have moved on
19.Hearing him snore
20. Lemon Tart

Whats your amazing mundane?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Recent Meanderings

1). Initial Frustration.
Earlier this year, Matt and I did HP to get a lounge suite. (Don't worry, its all interest free baby.) I am the person on the account for this not Matt. However when we get our statements in the mail, it is addressed to M & J Gilbert. Why is this....? I am the person on the account, so you would assume I should be first. Or, maybe its alphabetical, but then I would still be first. The only reason I can think that it is M & J and not J & M is because there is some system that automatically puts the male first.... Inherent Systematic Misogyny? Or do I need to get a life and get over it? Maybe there is another explanation? It doesn't bother me that much, but every time I see that envelope I do ponder the reasoning....

2) Stream of consciousness.
I have read that a recent phenomenon in relation to Facebook and Twitter and the like, is that people tend to think in status updates. Oh look its snowing, thinking 'Wow, its snowing in Wellington, so cool!' Or, yay I just finished my assignment 'OMG totally finished my assignment LOLZ' (or something like that...).
I have found this happening to me, not so much in the sense of thinking in status updates, but rather in thinking, 'I have to put this (thought/comment/photo/link) on facebook!.' Its almost like a process of validation and making something memorable. Like it didn't happen if it wasn't on facebook.
Is this even a problem? Does it make us more self focused? I guess for me its just being aware that I tend to do this, and now realising that I don't need facebook to valadiate what is happening in my life .

3.) How to end a phone call.
You know the scene:

(on phone) A: 'Hey where are you?'
B: 'I'm here, where are you?'
A: 'I'm by the white chair...'
B: 'Oh! I see you now! Hi!'
A: 'Hi! ok cool....'
Is it just me is it slightly awkward to end a phone conversation when you can see the person visually? Its like there is a tension between phone call ending etiquette (must say 'ok, well bye then,' 'ok bye, see you later, 'yep see you soon, bye,' 'bye', 'bye'...) and the fact that you can see the person (but are not yet in talking distance). People still seem to need to end the call with some filler (ok, cool, yep, great..) and don't seem able to just hang up.... imbeded social norms?

Ok my mind and its inane thoughts are going to shut up now.
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