Tuesday, 24 July 2012


1) Bra shopping
2) Brunch/Bacon
3) This
4) Birth Control
5) Mascara
6) Satisfaction of a clean house
7) Sleeping in
8) Saving money on hair dye
9) Refunds from the IRD
10) Planning a flying outfit
11) A long hot shower
12) Handwritten letters in the mail
13) Weights classes

1) Bra Shopping
2) Forgetting to buy bacon
3) This
4) Pimples
5) Morning after panda eyes
6) Vacuuming
7) Forgetting work
8) Dying hair too dark
9) Letters from the IRD
10) Planning a flying outfit
11) Getting out into the cold after a long hot shower
12) Forgetting to reply to handwritten letters
13) Being too lazy to go to weights classes

Awesome/Awkward idea from here

Thursday, 19 July 2012

A funny to get you through to the weekend

Phew, its all been a bit busy at this end lately! But lest I become one of those people who complain about how 'busy' and 'important' they are, I will now shut up, and provide you with something so awesome you will need to watch it several times.

By the time you check out that he DID IT ALL EXACTLY THE SAME, it will be Friday afternoon - voila weekend! You can thank me later

Friday, 6 July 2012

The Dresses that never were

Since my wedding day was about a million years ago (ok only 18 months), I can share some photos of the dresses that didn't make the cut. 

I was never a one strap kind of girl

Bit too bohemian. Plus about 12 sizes too big

Not too bad- one strap again

not too disimilar to the actual dress
And the winner was.....

Ahh so pretty.... and straps optional ;)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Fly Away, Far Away From Here

Next month Matt and I are heading to Europe for 6 weeks, and its suddenly become so close, and I CAN'T WAIT!!

We've been booking tickets and accommodation, and car hire etc at a rate of knots lately, so its become very real. And I am getting to that excited point- where its not just a dream, but becoming more and more real each day.

I'm at the point of trying to plan my plane outfit. Don't judge me- its hard to find a balance of comfort, style and something that we can leave here in (winter) and arrive in Summer in, without carrying a whole change of clothes.

Anyway I thought I'd share a few pics of places we're staying

We're staying here in Tuscany
A tuscan villa

A view of a castle from our room in Cesky Krumlov

An English B&B
And of course I can't wait to see these guys

We're excited....51 days to go

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