Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Tube Wean: Take Two

Two weeks ago Baby A's SLT (speech language therapist) and nurse visited. I mentioned that A was taking slightly better volumes of milk. The nurse suggested taking her NG tube out and trying another wean for a week.

I was reluctant. Mostly because I was still quite raw from last time (two months ago) when we tried and epicly failed. I had thought we wouldn't try again till the new year. However, when I thought about it, giving it a go was totally worth it, for Baby A. I needed to put my feelings aside for her.

So out the tube came. And almost instantly (literally) her grizzles went away and she became a smiley, happy baby. Since then people have not stopped commenting on what a happy, social baby she is. She is SO much happier, and that alone is worth it.

My smiley girl

Monday, 10 November 2014

You know you're a parent of a tubie baby when....

  • You intimately know about all types of syringes and connections and which you prefer
  • You know what a 'french' is
  • You know the brands of dozens of kinds of tape, and your childs reaction to each
  • You keep litmus paper in your wallet
  • Your baby's favourite toy is a syringe
  • You constantly have to take the tube out of the baby's hand/mouth
  • You get used to the stares you get while feeding out and about
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