Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Home for Now

We moved into this house in October. And while this place is a MILLION times better than our last place, I still felt a bit blah about parts of it. It's a rental, and we are planning on buying at some point, so I had this idea I couldn't spend money improving a rental. But then I found pinterest inspiration and made a few small changes and before I knew it I was on a roll! There are little 'spots of happy' throughout the house which make me feel more content spending time here, and more like this is our home, instead of a house. I feel like valuing our rental has made me more happy to be here until we make the next big step.

  Ada's room before

Ada's room after:
(including black out curtain liners- a great investment!)


I took some plain drawers in the study and whacked a bit of Molly Voodoo paint on them. This paint is amazing and doesn't require any sanding before use!

Now I have a nice wee office nook

While I was on a roll with the paint I did this wee shelf from the Sallies for our front door

I discovered Euro pillows!!!

 We don't have a laundry unfortunately, just this monstrosity which can be seen from our lounge. A quick curtain installation and it's much better!

Bathroom before
Bathroom after

 Wee touches


Kitchen nook


(New curtains are next on the list!!)

Next project:
I've been waiting to do this beauty up for a while. I've got fresh paint and new handles on order and over the next few weeks I'll do it bit by bit at night. I can't wait for it to be freshened up!

I've had a lot of fun with these wee projects, I hope you enjoyed seeing a wee glimpse of them :)

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