Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Redemption arc in a hug

 Last night Hunter was being a toad. He has that mischievous spirit kids get in them. Throwing things, ripping paper, refusing to eat dinner and so on. We were trying our best but nerves were frayed!

Then he fell, while running away form me. He cut his chin, bruised his head and grazed his hands.

It's like all that mischievous spirit was suddenly spent, and he just needed 'babying.' He sobbed and sobbed in my arms. And I took a wet cloth and gently cleaned him up. I dabbed his grazes, and rubbed the warm cloth all over his face. I took his hands and put the cloth in the, folded his fingers over and stroked his fingers. Slow, calming motions.

He calmed down, and sat content on me. In one way just a normal parenting moment, but in another way it was special. Some kind of redemption arc, a small and holy moment between mother and son. I calmed him, and him me.

I love being this boys mum. Always learning so much.

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