Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Home Stretch

I started a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics in 2006, and in two weeks I will finally be finished!

Of course, life didn't go quite as I had planned when starting my degree. After the first year, I was so in love with Sign Language that I decided to quit it and move up the country to study to become a Sign Language Interpreter. And so I did. Becoming an interpreter was HARD, but so, so worth it, cos I have a job I love so much now.

But, after I qualified and started working as an interpreter, I felt a little academically 'bored,' (and I'm a sucker for punishment), so I decided to keep going with my degree, part time (and extramuraly). And, because I am doing it part time while I work, it has taken me quite a while. So here I am 6 1/2 years after I started, and I'M ON THE HOME STRETCH!!

I am so excited.
No study for me next semester (we're travelling, so it wouldn't work), but I have a feeling I'll be back at the post grad level next year.

And now, I am procrastinating writing my last essay (MY LAST ESSAY!) and studying for my last exam (MY LAST EXAM!!), so I will say Ciao till then.
See you on the other side.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Poem Series: His Love

I love you
Like the waters deep so strong
And bottomless and with a pressure
You cannot hold
Mysteries abound themselves from me to you

I love you through the sun
And the rain, the leaves that fall and grow,
Delicate shells, intricate beyond knowing
I love you in the mountains rumble

I love you in your love,
That surrounds you,
Lovers and children and family and friends
All I can through them

I love you through words
Learning and knowledge all gained through pages
the poems, the lyrics, the novel of cunning and romance
Its all for you

I love you through all you touch,
Rough and dimpled surfaces
The raw invigorating wind and
Warm sun that kisses your skin to freckle
The goose bumps on your skin as you reach for me
show you I am there

I love you through sounds
Laughter and crescendos are all for you
I whisper love to you as you sleep
I love you through tunes sweet and soft
Through songs that drag you away to another place
Closer to me

I love you through taste and smell
Food and flowers and herbs and nature all for
You to enjoy, my love
To absorb in wonder

I love you when you turn
And fall and stumble
I am the one picking you up and wiping your tears and
Shame, guilt away
I put you back on your feet
And love you as you blossom again

How could you miss it?
Its all for you
Surrounding you, filling you in every moment
Dark and light and taste and sight
Sound and touch, conversations and glances
In working and resting, in toil and in your hallelujahs
In singing and sighing, in warmth and chills
Sleeping and waking and all in between
In age and youth and health and illness
In life and death and grief and joy
In the mundane and in the breathtaking
It’s always there for you
Love never ending

Thursday, 17 May 2012

My top 5 Baking Recipes

1). Chocolate Cake
This is a very dense and almost mud cake, which is so delicious. It has a cup of plain yoghurt in, which I think is the key for excellent moist-ness

Lemon and Strawberry - yes please! The cupcake is lemon flavour and the icing/frosting is strawberry, but you could use any fresh berry you had on you.

A nice twist on the old rainbow cake, but as only one layer actually has food colouring (the others are plain and cocoa), its not too fiddly to make. And you can make the icing/frosting as complex or as simple as you want

This wouldn't be a Kiwi blog without reference to these bikkies. So easy to make, and delicious too. 

Another fun cupcake, relatively simple in taste, but its fun to work with the contrasting cocoa and vanilla flavours

Monday, 14 May 2012

Cute Animal Gifs to express my emotions

I recently found this website: http://whatshouldwecallme.tumblr.com/
It's awesome and some of them are SO funny. I especially like the cutesy animal ones, so I decided to make some of my own. After all, what better way to express ones emotions/day to day life struggles, than through cute animal gifs?

Me, trying to get lollies out of the jar

When my baby nephew/niece are around, I'm like..

When Matt catches me eating 2 chocolate yoghurts

If a driver cuts me off, I'm like

When I ask my niece if she's brushed her teeth, she's like

When I look outside at the Wellington weather, it's like

When Matt tells me we don't have enough money for me to get that new bag/top/whatever, I'm like

Waking up on Monday morning

   If I'm really hungry but can't open the container

When someone is saying stupid things at work, I wanna be like

When Matt gets home from being away, I'm like

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Poem Series: Autumn

Hand and hand we step out
On a transparent autumn morning
We walk to the silent beat
When you breathe in and I breathe out

We read the leaves in the open air season
You hold my hand, your touch is a story
I read you with fluency, not in your words
But in the lines on your face and between the lashes of your eyes

We walk, crunching surrendered leaves underfoot
And when the wind comes and blows summer away
You lead me back to the place we know

So wait up
There’s so much to dream about

All poems in this series are by me, and are copyright to me. Some are recent, most were written in the past few years.

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