Friday, 10 February 2012

Tall Girl Problems

I'm 6 feet tall. I've been this height since I was about 12 (yes I was a lanky teen.) I found this website via a friend, and I feel like these perfectly describe my life!! haha

Or doing baking.

I still do sometimes, but not as much as I would if I were shorter

I'm just bolshy and ask for the person to move the seat forward haha


Or, when I am sitting and I am still taller than you. Awkward

My whole school life

Yes! This is my most major gripe about my height

I don't really mind....that much 
So true at the moment

Yes! I love adjustable shower heads!

Well, I feel like I joined a tall girl club, of others who understand! In saying that, I would not change my height, and here are some tall girl positives:

  • Always being able to see the front at a concert
  • Being able to easily search for people in a crowd
  • When I gain weight it has such a lot of area to go to, that you can't really see it
  • I've always been the same height as guys, and am the same height as my hubby which makes kissing easy (no neck-crick for me!)
  • Occasionally being asked if I am a model/if I would want to model

...I'm still grumpy about the one-piece though. 


  1. How do you personally search data for your fresh entries and which search networks do you commonly utilize?

  2. Lol! This is like my life, even at an older age I am still tall! Now my thirteen year old has been blessed with height, who says only short people are vertically challenged! I always think of Duece Bigelow the "that's a huge bitch!" Scene. My daughter actually tolde I " Look like an NBA drag queen"
    when I wear heels...2" heels!


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