Sunday, 28 July 2013

A wonderful, ordinary life.

Tonight I heard one of the simplest sermons I have heard in a long time, and it was refreshing in it's simplicity.
'An ordinary life can be a wonderful life.'

I've written on the topic before, but this talk resonated with me again.

Actually it wasn't so much a sermon, as a look at the movie 'It's a wonderful life.' In the movie 'George' is unfulfilled  he feels he hasn't achieved his dreams, and his discouragement leads him to contemplate suicide. Luckily for him, a (slightly awkward) guardian angel is on hand to help him out. George wishes he 'had never been born,' and soon finds out what the world would have been like without him. His wife is now a sad spinster (this movie was made in the 40s....), his family company has closed down, he wasn't alive to save his brother as a child and so those that his brother saved later in life are now all dead too. George is so distraught at this world and begs for things to go back to how they were.
And like that (because voila- in magical movie land anything can happen) he is back to his life.

Except what was before seemed depressing, hopeless and mundane to him was now magic- full of joy and love and excitement.

It's all a matter of perspective and realisation that even an 'ordinary' life impacts and touches so many.

A refreshing, and simple reminder for a Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Dad is coming to town for a few days and staying with us. I'm super excited!

(Us in 2006)

I don't often get to spend time with Dad, so I'm looking forward to it. We actually have a guest bedroom this time, so I have had fun setting up the room for him (I feel like a proper grown up! haha). 

There's always something special about a Dad-daughter relationship.

(Walking me down the aisle in 11')

See you soon! :)

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