Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Poem Series: Edge of the Sea

We’re standing on the edge of the sea
The sun is falling into the
Swirling spirals of the pulling waters,
The sunset haze kisses our faces
We’re one and two, separate and joined

I cling to you
My thoughts bruised black and blue
Waiting for the current to pull away these
Feelings of unease and knots that hold me
Release until I am just beside you

Subdued memories swept away
With the pull of the waves
Until they are only a distant swell
A drifting weed sinking to the depths -
We are the new

Sun warm dipping into the earth
Drawn away till all that’s left
Is me and you in the approaching shadows
Out by the darkening sea where the tide is out
Where no one knows our names

All poems in this series are by me, and are copyright to me. Some are recent, most were written in the past few years.

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