Thursday, 26 December 2013

Pregnancy weeks 19-28 + bump pics

It feels like a loooong time ago since I wrote my last pregnancy update. I feel much more pregnant now then I did then. A big belly, feeling kicks, knowing baby's gender and setting up baby's room has helped with that!

I haven't been as diligent with taking pictures, but I still have a few...

20 Weeks

22 Weeks

25 Weeks

26 Weeks
28 weeks- Merry Christmas!

Here's one from another angle at 25 weeks

Goodbye to my feet and my belly button ring

Belly: My belly has made itself quite apparent now- there is no hiding it! My innie is now an outie and my feet are a distant memory. It's quite a good size in that I look pregnant but it's not big enough to make me waddle yet! And, it's a great place to rest my hands, or cups of tea.

Baby's size: Baby is now the size of a butternut pumpkin. Over 1kg in weight and over 35cm long. Baby has a log of weight to put on, but not too much length.

Weight gain: I've gained 13kg. Which seems a lot to me but the midwife said not to worry! I can't fit my wedding bands any more, but I still fit most of my clothes (apart from around the belly of course!).

Movement: Baby has been kicking away since about 18-19 weeks. It started feeling a big like gas bubbles or popping, and has become more and more defined. She has busy times and quiet times. Sometimes she is busy for a few days then quiet for a few, and I have to let my worried mind not read into that! Lately she has been hiccuping a lot. Matt and some family members have been able to see and feel her move which has been special. I love the kicks, it makes me feel much more connected to her.

Scans: We had the big 20 week scan...and then had our gender reveal party! Yep, baby is a girl! We loved the 20 week scan, as she looked so much more like a baby. She was wriggling around a lot, and it's amazing how much they can move that we don't feel. All is healthy and well.

At 26 weeks I had another quick scan, and got to confirm that she is definitely a girl! Wohooo!

Midwife appointments: Still at 4 weekly, and still hearing her strong heartbeat. Have had a few blood tests lately (regular pregnancy ones) so will wait for the result of those.

Bleeding: I had a tiny bit of bleeding at 26 weeks (hence the extra scan), but baby is well, and there is no apparent cause for it, so I just need to chill and relax.

Symptoms: Morning sickness stopped being a daily feature of my life at about 18 weeks. I still get nauseous or gag at things pretty easily, but I feel so much more human now! I've had some lower back pain, but a visit to the osteso, as well as aqua jogging and yoga has helped that for now. My main, daily pregnancy reminder is that I feel SO HOT all the time. My mini-heater is keeping me a bit too warm during this summer....I don't like to think what the next few months will bring. 
Sleep is getting much harder, but it's not a complete write off yet. I've been getting braxton hicks for a few weeks now, but they aren't painful so it's no worry.

Cravings: Milk! I could drink a litre a day, but I try to restrain myself. Baby must be growing her bones good and strong.

Baby's room: Baby's room is coming along well. We have the cot, a bassinet, change table, some decorations, a bouncer, a pram, some clothes etc. Just needs some finishing touches in these coming months. I made some bunting for the room over christmas.

I'm starting to get excited now about meeting baby, it's feeling more and more real every day. I'm so looking forward to these last 12 weeks and meeting our daughter. Bring on March!

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