Wednesday, 11 June 2014

To the naysayers

I just want to clear a few things up.

No, Baby A is not manipulating or playing us or taking the easy option by needing most of her milk via the NG tube. She has been diagnosed by professionals with a weak suck and poor swallow, caused by neurological prematurity. It is incredibly hard for her to drink a bottle, and she tries her best. She will get there one day, in her own time, but now is not that time.

Yes it is sad I am no longer breastfeeding A, but if you knew anything about how hard it has been to feed her you would not say this to my face. I tried my best. It didn't work out. Moving on.

Again, yes it is sad that A now needs some formula supplementation because I can't produce enough milk for her. And again, our situation is not normal and I have tried my best. A little formula is keeping A well, fed and healthy.

I know it is unbecoming for me to write a rant like this. However I find it unbecoming when people make suggestions or comments like the above ones. Please, just trust that we are trying our best in a very difficult situation. And think before you speak.


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