Monday, 10 November 2014

You know you're a parent of a tubie baby when....

  • You intimately know about all types of syringes and connections and which you prefer
  • You know what a 'french' is
  • You know the brands of dozens of kinds of tape, and your childs reaction to each
  • You keep litmus paper in your wallet
  • Your baby's favourite toy is a syringe
  • You constantly have to take the tube out of the baby's hand/mouth
  • You get used to the stares you get while feeding out and about

  • You can't count the hours you've sat and held a gravity bolus feed. You may have attempted to construct a clamp system
  • You have a love hate relationship with the feeding pump
  • You learn the delicate balance between over feeding and underfeeding your baby
  • You mourn your breastfeeding relationship
  • You are overjoyed when they eat something
  • You are more of a pro at inserting an NG tube than most nurses and Doctors
  • But you have made more than one late night trip to the hospital for a tricky insert
  • You obsessively keep track of how many mls your baby is drinking orally
  • This obsession leads to a near mental break down
  • You start to learn to not stress too much over baby's oral intake
  • If you see another tubie kid, you give the parent a knowing glance
  • You get camera happy when the tube is out

  • Other milsetones (crawling, babbling) are so much sweeter, as they show you your baby's strengths
  • You don't even 'see' the tube anymore, all you see is your delicious baby

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  1. Hi, my name is Delila! I gave birth to twin babies 6 months ago. They were both preemies, 2 months early. My son is is a great eater but my daughter has been NG fed since birth. She nipples when she wants and how much she wants. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I feel so alone on this journey, there isn't alot of support out there!


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