Sunday, 31 May 2015

Being One

Dear Ada,

You are now 17 months old and you are so much fun!

You have really changed from a baby to a toddler in the past months. Your grubby hands and cheeky knowing smile are testament to this. 

You are learning lots every day. I feel like I can see the cogs in your head whirring as you learn about the world. You understand new things all the time- how light switches work (magic!), how doors work, how to blow kisses, how to wave and say 'bye bye' when you're ready for a nap.

You love to eat all sorts of food and bang your high chair tray impatiently when I dare to put you in without having your food ready first. You'll give anything a try and when you're done you'll let me know by throwing your food everywhere.

You are not quite walking, but I can see the progress you're making. You toddle confidently along if you can hold onto the couch, you scoot along on your wee bike, and you've started making wobbly steps towards me if the toy I am holding is exciting enough.

You are a very social girl. You love spending time with other children, and throw yourself out of my arms when I take you to your carers house. You are happy and confident there and that makes me happy. With people you don't know, you can be very shy at first, clinging to Mummy and Daddy as your safe 'base.' But you soon warm up and everyone in the room will be your friend in no time.

A photo sent to me by her carer

You are starting to talk and you are doing very well with 'B' words. 'Bye Bye,' 'Baby,' and 'Brrr' are favourites along with 'Dada.' You can sign milk but you still think that means all liquids and would quite like to try my wine. (I'm sorry no, you'll have to wait 15 years for that.)

You have started getting frustrated (at things I sometimes can't work out.) You grizzle and throw yourself in dramatic fashion on the floor. Sometimes I can comfort you, sometimes I can't and I leave you to it. And that's ok, frustration is a part of life and you are learning how that feels.

You love your Daddy very much, and you can get very sad when he leaves. You cry and wail at the door saying 'dada, dada!' and I can't comfort you. You're starting to learn about people coming and leaving and that's a big scary concept for you.

(Ada saying 'bye bye' after her Daddy went out.)

Right now you are napping after a busy day. Soon you'll get up and we'll spend some time together having dinner, playing then getting ready for bed. Routine is so important for you right now.

Sometimes when you're in bed I look at the photos I've taken of you recently, and just marvel at how lovely you are. I show a photo to your Daddy and say 'isn't she just the cutest!' We do have difficult days and weeks, but overall you are my lovely darling girl and I love you more and more every day.

Love, Mummy xxx

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