Friday, 17 November 2017

World Prematurity Day- nearly 4 years on

Today is world prematurity day.

The first photo of Ada, born at 30 weeks

Day like this one, as well as miscarriage awareness, always make me stop and pause. A lot can, and did, happen in the past 5 years, and while I am forever changed by the miscarriages and Ada's premature birth, they are now distant enough from me to no longer be a source of pain. Instead my experiences are a tool to help others.

Ada at a week or two old

To mothers who are having miscarriages, and especially before having any live children, I understand. You never know if you'll actually have a child, or if this pain will fade. I can tell you time is a healer, and this won't define you forever.

Ada at around 5 months old

To mothers who have had a child born early, or have been thrown into a medical world they didn't see coming for their baby- you don't know what the future holds, or how you will get through. I understand. I can tell you that you and your baby are stronger than you imagine.

I can't tell you how your story will end- it's different for all of us. All I can tell is my story, and pray it will give you comfort in a sea of uncertainty.

Ada at around 9 months old

From two lost babies, to a daughter born at 30 weeks, a year of tube feeding, and an extremely stressful and high risk second pregnancy- through all the dark and hurt and storms, we are through the other side. These events have left indelible scars on my heart, but also a compassion and empathy like I would have never known otherwise.

Ada at 1
We have Ada who is almost 4 and thriving. Hunter is 1 and full of life. If I could send one message to myself on that day of the first miscarriage it would be 'It will be ok. You will get through this.'

Ada at 2
Today on world prematurity day I think of all the parents and babies currently in the hospital, I think of all the parents who are about to be thrown into this world and don't know it. 

Today we celebrate all the children who once were premmies and now are growing, strong, loud, fun, wild and kind- all those things a tiny baby holds within them but you can't see at the time. 

Today I give Ada an extra big hug, and I celebrate her journey and the girl she has become.

Ada now at 3
Find out more about World Prematurity Day here.

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