Thursday, 15 December 2011

Easy Holiday Hair-do's with tutorials

Its christmas time, which means many parties, and get togethers over the next month. If you want to do something a bit different with your hair, that isn't too much work, have a look at these hairstyles.

The Dutch Braid:

Basically you just do a full dutch (underneath) braid down your hair, and then pin it into a mini bun at the end. Make sure to pull the braid out at the end to give it lots of volume. Full tutorial here

The tucked under braid:

For this, do a loose french braid, with only about 4-5 braids.  Braid it the whole way, then carefully tuck and pin  under the end of the braid. This works best for meduim hair length.

The Hairbow:

As seen on a previous blog entry, tutorial here

Twist and Pin

You twist sections of hair and pin them up. Video tutorial here

Massive Bun:

I'm finding this harder to do now my hair is getting longer, so I think this is perfect for mid length hair. Tie hair up in a ponytail. Then take sections and pin them back up and round. Tutorial here

Piled and Pinned Updo:

This is so easy, and great because it is naturally messy meaning you don't have to be a pro to make it look good. You section your hair into three vertical parts and starting from the bottom, pin the hair messily up. Do as much 'poof' as you like with the front. Full tutorial here

Loose front Braid:

Part you hair so you have a side part. On the side with the bigger part do a french braid or a fishtail braid down to around your ear. Pin the hair in place and use a nice clip if you want. Leave your hair out. Perfect for keeping the hair out of your eyes.

Three twisted Buns:

Those two are the same hairstyle, one with the buns down the bottom and one with the buns in a vertical row. The buns are sections of your hair twisted and pinned. Full tutorial here

And there you have it!
I would recommend you buy this e-book and this e-book. They are both about $5 and so worth it for all the step-by-step tutorials and hair inspirations. Also, have a look at this you-tube channel

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