Saturday, 31 December 2011

The last day of the year

Today is the last day of 2011. There's something a little special about the end of the year - the ending of one chapter and embarking into another. Of course time and years are a human construct, and years are arbitrary but easy ways for humans to define and catagorise time. Today and tomorrow won't be much different in essence, but to me it still feels like a fresh start, and I feel a little wonder at what might come this year.

Looking back at 2011 I thought I'd look at some highlights and lowlights. In November I thought of something I was 'thankful' for everyday, so of course my highlight column would be full if I included all the nuances of my life. But looking at the lowlights too, makes me appreciate the highlights even more.


-Christchurch Earthquake.

I think its obvious this was a lowlight for all of New Zealand. My sister was in Christchurch (as well as a few friends.) When I saw the footage on TV, showing all the horrific damage, I tried to contact her, and wasn't able to (for probably only around 10 minutes.) Those 10 mins of watching the terrible story unfold on TV, and not knowing where she was, were 10 minutes I would never like to repeat again. I know so many people had (/have) it so much worse, and the whole country seemed to groan in mourning at the time. This one definitely takes the cake as my lowlight of 2011.

-The result of the general election
Although, to be honest, I'm not too disappointed. NZ doesn't have it too bad. And some results were pleasing to me.

-Getting a tummy bug while camping
Bearing in mind that I only get a tummy bug about once in 5 years, it was quite unfortunate timing when I started violently throwing up in Anchorage (the Abel Tasman), with no way out except for a boat ride in the morning, with no bathroom close by, and with no chance of sleep on the rocky ground. Lets just say I am glad that experience is over. I think Matt is too.

-Dealing with Wellington drivers
Wellington drivers have a knack for driving really closely. I don't think they have ever heard of the 2-second rule down here.

-Getting an infection after getting a wisdom tooth out

After getting my wisdom tooth out I got dry socket, which lasted a few days and needless to say was the worst pain I have felt in my life so far. Luckily it coincided with snow (see below), which meant I had pretty white stuff to look at while in face destroying pain.


-Getting Married

This is my top experience in 2011. Getting married to my best friend was one of the best moments of my life. Asking him out in 2009 was the best move I ever made (I would like to congratulate my past self.)

-Being Married
Ok, I'll stop being all gushy soon. But being married has taught me a lot, and made me grow. There have been challenges, but so much more small joys and happiness that the challenges (so far) have been easy to overcome.

-Moving to Wellington
Moving to live in Wellington (again - last time circa 2006) has been a great move. We've made good friends here, not to mention being a lot closer to family. Now if only Wellington would have the climate of Nelson....

- Going to Nelson for Christmas
Fun was had by all.


OMG snow in Wellington! It was crazy, it was unexpected, and it was short enough (3 days) to ensure it wasn't a pain in the..... (unlike my tooth. See above.)

Learning how to cook/bake

Thanks to cookbooks/Matt/the internet/spare time, I have learnt a bit more about baking and cooking. I have also been asked if I am pregnant many times, because of my newly acquired podgy belly. Coincidence...?


2011 has been a great year, but it has had it's moments, especially for the people of NZ. So I thought the following pic was apt:

2011, for me, you have been great. For others, not so much. Bring on 2012!

I hope your New Years celebrations are as wonderful as you are


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