Thursday, 17 May 2012

My top 5 Baking Recipes

1). Chocolate Cake
This is a very dense and almost mud cake, which is so delicious. It has a cup of plain yoghurt in, which I think is the key for excellent moist-ness

Lemon and Strawberry - yes please! The cupcake is lemon flavour and the icing/frosting is strawberry, but you could use any fresh berry you had on you.

A nice twist on the old rainbow cake, but as only one layer actually has food colouring (the others are plain and cocoa), its not too fiddly to make. And you can make the icing/frosting as complex or as simple as you want

This wouldn't be a Kiwi blog without reference to these bikkies. So easy to make, and delicious too. 

Another fun cupcake, relatively simple in taste, but its fun to work with the contrasting cocoa and vanilla flavours

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