Thursday, 30 May 2013

Too soon

This week a young guy from our church passed away suddenly.

Too soon, too quickly, too young.

I knew Zander a little bit- he helped Matt and I move house a few months ago. I also heard his testimony earlier this year in church and I thought he was an amazing guy.

The death of a young person is always a tragedy. Our whole church is grieving, especially his friends. We're grieving for us and we're grieving for his family and their loss too.

His funeral was today, and as can be expected, it was a mixture or grief, tears, laughter and thankfulness for his short, sweet life.
I found the Haka by his school mates so moving. I loved that it was so Kiwi, so moving and such a fitting farewell.

As was shared on facebook and at the funeral, the last text to his friend shows what an amazing guy he was.

"" Suup tahu its zander. Can you please pass this round to all the boys? Too tired to text everyone ... what's happening down at RC? Anyways,I deteriorated over night and now critical condition. Got to get flown up to aux for a transplant lol .. hope it goes as well as shout did haha! But if I don't see you guys again, ill b in gods hands im sure. Hope you guys don't fall into traps. Hope you guys keep your passions for God! I will be in good hands, I hope to see youz again!""

I will leave with this song. The hurt and the healer has been an amazing comfort for me in hard times. The words acknowledge grief but turn to hope.

"Jesus come and break my fear
Wake my heart and take my tears
Find Your glory even here
When the hurt and the healer collide"

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