Monday, 26 January 2015


We are loving summer. I feel like this is a summer I will remember  for a long time. It's not the first summer with our girl, but it's the first summer we've been able to enjoy as a family.

Last summer I spent my days under fluorescent lights, in air conditioned rooms, holding and watching my baby. I spend summer days looking out windows at the beautiful weather, but in a totally different world myself. I ended up getting quite ill in winter and part of it was a vitamin D deficiency- a lack of sunshine hours.

This summer we are making the most of the sunshine! Every day me and my girl get out into the sun- for a walk, a play at the park, to watch bubbles, to explore the garden.

Miss A is at the perfect age to be exploring the outside- she crawls away at the speed of lightening to examine flower, blades of grass, to chase a ball or people. She splashes in paddling pools and crawls on the sand which gets stuck everywhere.

I love enjoying a glass of crisp cold wine on an evening, salads every night, summer fruits, going for walks and feeling healthy.

I am a summer girl and if it was summer all year round I would be happy!

But perhaps the fleeting-ness of a season makes me appreciate it more. I am soaking up the sun, and making memories with my girl, the first summer of many to come in her childhood.

I can say 100% that this summer downright beats last summer in this household. And as soon as she wakes from her nap, we'll be out that door again, enjoying the day :)

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