Sunday, 20 November 2011

Mess it up

My Grandmother is quite a tidy type of person. The type of person who will tell me off if I left my pajamas on the floor  for 20 mins (my bad). My Mum is similar but a bit diluted -tidy, but not averse to natural day-to-day clutter (she'll tolerate it for more than 20 minutes anyway. Probably less than 60 though).
I am again more diluted on this tidy issue. I am happy to leave things for a few days before I get to it. And as our house has minimal storage, it can get a bit cluttered. I was getting a bit worried about my lack of housekeeping nous until I saw this shop. This shop made me feel a LOT better. This is a legitimate shop in Wellington central;

This is really the shop, and not a shot of a Chch post earthquake shop

Really hope this exit is not legitimately needed

Walking in this shop was a tad challenging

I liked a look of a lot of these books, but daren't try to get one at the bottom of  a pile for fear of starting a shop-wide domino tumbling effect

The shop also had gems like these (things that admitedly should have been thrown out with the advent of the new millennium.)

Be healthy and have sexy frizzy hair like me!

This magazine is 60 years old!

Ah I think I'll just look at these pics anytime I am feeling like our house is messy.

(This post is dedicated to Daniel, blog fan and good friend)


  1. Haha thanks; see, I wasn't lying about reading this!

    There looks to be a few OSH rules being broken in those photos...

  2. yea just a few. surprised osh isn't onto it, they would have a field day

  3. the most important thing you forgot to mention Jenn...VINYL :))


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