Friday, 25 November 2011

Tips to reduce food waste

  • Keep the trimmed ends from carrots, celery etc, and freeze them. You can then use them in making a vegetable stock

  • You can cut and cook the stalk of the broccoli too

  • If you have old wine, freeze it in ice cubes, and use it for cooking

  • Cook the seeds of  pumpkin

  • You can dry tomatoes in the oven and store them in olive oil (voila, 'sundried' tomatoes).

  • Use older fruit to make a crumble

  • Freeze old bread, and you can use it for bread crumbs, croutons etc

  • You can use sour cream or cream cheese in mashed potato

  • Blend parmesan and old bread for parmesan bread crumbs (good for on veges.)

  • Chop fresh herbs and add to an ice tray with a little water. Use the ice cube in cooking when the herb is required

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  1. Insightful and important post. :)


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