Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The coming coolness

Ok, I have to be honest. I am a real summer girl. I don't like winter at all. The continual hunt for warmth, the layers and layers and layers of clothes, the spiking electricity bill, the startled look you get on your face from the shock of cold then warmth, the wind and rain (oh wait, we get wind and rain here in summer too.)

But, because it seems to me that winter is much longer than summer, I need a serious attitude overhall about winter, or I will be a grumpy sad sack all winter, and no one wants that (especially not Matt.)
I have decided to be a little Pollyanna like, and look at the good things about winter. Maybe if I repeat them to myself every day I will begin to believe them....?

Good points about winter

  • The crisp, fresh air you breathe in makes you feel alive
  • No sweating
  • The potentiality of SNOW again! (The Moon Man says it will happen, so it must be true.)

  • I get to wear this merino dress :)

  • I get to cook hearty, warming dinners, which is what I cook best
  • More excuses for snuggling up in bed
  • More motivation to go to the gym, because it will make me feel warm. Maybe at the end of winter I will have my dream abs*?
  • We are going to Europe in August, so we will escape some of the end of winter :)
  • There's nothing like coming in from the cold to a nice warm house 

Now we all know that if I listed the good points about summer, it would be much longer than the winter list. But I don't need any convincing about why summer is great. 

What do you like about winter? Help a girl out here!

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