Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Weekend Away

Matt and I went away for a long (four day) weekend, exploring the middle of our lovely North Island.

The main purpose of the weekend was to go to Rotorua for my friends 30th birthday. We stayed together in an AMAZING house, and hung out, ate food, chatted, watched movies and dressed up as rubix cubes for the party night...

There's something so lovely and energising about being with friends. Ones who truly get you, and who you  can relax with. You can all just watch a movie together, or play Jenga Boom and be totally yourself, totally content. I love times like that.

After we left, Matt and I headed down to Napier for the night and stayed in a pretty nice motel. It had a spa bath in the room- that is the epitome of class for me!
We spent a short time at the beach. I've been feeling a bit unwell, so I loved going to the beach, hearing the waves boom, seeing the vastness of the grey ocean.

Because I was lucky enough to grow up near the ocean, the beach has always been my place to go when I need refreshment, time out, space to think. Even spending a few minutes at Napier beach was enough to refresh me.  I found that the millions of pebbles, enormity of the waves and enduring nature of the ocean helped me put my problems into perspective a bit.

It was great to spend some quality time with my hubby. Just being with him is so enjoyable to me. Sometimes we miss that being in the rush of day to day life. So some quality time was just what we needed.

Weekend get away's are the best. So refreshing for such a short time. I think I'll start planning the next one....

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