Friday, 20 September 2013

'Reach Me' free pregnancy pack

If you're like me there is nothing that can make your day like a package in the mail full of free goodies. Today I received my free pack of samples from 'Reach Me,' and for free samples, it's pretty good!

What's inside:
  • A parenting magazine
  • A ricochet baby bib
  • Libra maternity pads
  • 2 Treasures newborn nappies
  • Travel wipe sample pack
  • A sachet of Eco store stain remover
  • Eco store hand cream (full size, pretty stoked about this one!)
  • Bepanthen nappy rash cream
  • Travel size packet of corn thins (perfect for pregnant ladies on the go!)
  • Phloe bowel health capsules
  • Lots of vouchers for discounts of baby products
Reach me also have a pack for when the baby is a newborn and a toddler, and I will definitely be getting those!

I'm pretty sure this is all run by treasures nappies, as since I signed up for this I have received an email promoting treasures. I don't really mind, it would be easy to unsubscribe if I wanted, and you can't complain about free things.

Adding this to my bounty pack (which you receive at the GP's when you're first pregnant) I'm feeling pretty stoked.

(I think this pack is only available in NZ, sorry ladies!).

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