Thursday, 12 January 2012

Of being under the weather

Lately I have been a bit sick. I got a tummy bug about 3 weeks ago, and ever since have been finding it hard to eat, as I have been getting mega bad reflux, and pain when eating. This has lead to weight loss (at first yay! no more pregnancy guesses. Then... oh no... this is going a bit too low.) And the general ill feeling that comes with being a bit under the weather.
I went to the doctor and got some meds that help keep the reflux down - yay! But they also are inducing a zombie like doziness about me that is leading to 9pm bedtimes and 4-5 naps a day (thank God I'm not working full time yet.) So, off the meds I come. At least I can function like a human with reflux.

The good part is that I am allowed to eat anything I can, including ice cream, milkshakes and dairy food yoghurt ;)

Being a bit unwell has made me realise how good I have it when all is well! And how hard it is to function when you're just a little sick. I wonder how people with ongoing, permanent illness cope?
I'm they type of person who prays, but I have found it so hard to get the mental energy to pray these past few days. My prayers have been more of the 'God, please help, then end' variety than the long winded ones I am usually capable of (not that brevity is a bad thing...).

Anyway, I am feeling a bit better now :) and I am seeing more doctors soon, so I am excited to hear the answers they have.

And, because this blog has been all about me, with no discernable purpose, here are some funny pictures to make up for it:

Not my cake. But will keep this in mind for future purposes...

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