Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wednesday Things

1. Matt is back at work now, and I am sad. Our holiday went so fast! And I have no work for who knows how long (hopefully not too long), so I am a lonely wife. Who is trying to remember to be thankful that Matt has a job! And I'm trying to be a good housewife, but so far have only achieved a) putting a wash on, b) going on facebook c) writing this blog.

2. I'm kinda glad the weather is a bit crappy so Matt doesn't feel too sad about being at work.

3. Doing a budget always makes me mega depressed. But somehow we always survive, and I know why.

4. Talking of budgeting, I really have to learn to make dinner out of the food we have in the fridge, instead of always buying extra bits and pieces. But thanks to google, thats not too hard to do.

5. I am kind of gutted about the Katy Perry/Russel Brand divorce. Not that I know them or even follow their lives much, but I always get a bit depressed when a celeb couple breaks down. Think its to do with the sanctity of marriage vs the throwaway attitude towards marriage.

6. Our downstairs neighbour has a new dog. Now I can live out my doggie dreams, and go play with her :) (the dog that is...)

7. I am studying at the moment (well not right at this moment, although I should be) about poverty and third world countries, and the comparison with excessive western greed is making me feel physically ill, and a lot disappointed in myself.

8. This video is so cute. I'll have one of each please.

Random list of things on my mind... over and out.

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