Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Life, lately

Things are happening around here (although obviously not right now while I procrastinate and write this blog!).

So- we're moving house. We love our current place. We've only been here 6 months, but the landlord has decided to sell (grrrrr!). So we've found a new place, not too far from where we are now. The inside is bigger and better than this place (it has DVS, yay for no mould! Yay for a large kitchen pantry!). But the outside isn't as nice. It has a bit of a garden but it's all muddy at the moment, and it won't get as much sun. But you win some you lose some.

So this is the state of our place at the moment:

The state of our house makes me feel itchy
Moving and packing only 6 months after last time is NOT FUN I tell you. I can't wait till it's over. And, we've only been here 6 months and yet we have 4 bags of stuff for a charity shop and several boxes of stuff for the junk truck that's coming tomorrow. How did we fit all this stuff in our last (smaller) place? Where did it all come from? It's a mystery to me. (I secretly think junk replicates to fit the space you live in.... it's a theory I'm working on.)
Since I'm all preggo and stuff, and can't lift everything like last time (I was a super mover I tell you) we're paying movers, so at least it should only take a few hours as opposed to all day last time. And they are coming bright and early on Friday, so who knows, by Friday lunch time it could be all over!

In other more exciting news, also happening this weekend (the day after the move), my parents are coming for a few days to stay! Yay!

Parents are nice
It will be nice to see them. Also, it's the first time they've seen me since I've been pregnant and my mother is excited about getting her hands on my belly....haha. I think there will be much baby talk!

Matty, my super hubby, is not only working full time, he is studying too and doing his assignment basically every single spare moment he has. Also, still cooking, telling me we need to vacuum (haha), tidying the garden, and trying to sort through his junk before we move.

He seems to have a lot of energy on little sleep, so this all bodes well for life with a newborn ;)

And in other, other news, yes I did drop out of university. It felt like a weight off my shoulders and I know it was the right decision for me, even though I would usually characterise this as very un-Jenn behaviour. Oh well, you have to live on the wild side sometimes, and quitting uni (ok postponing) is about as wild as it gets for me now (well apart from that one time with the virgin margaritas, but we won't go there).

And that's life, lately.

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